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About me

Springtide is your hands-on partner to make an impact, shall we make it together?

With over 10 years experience as an Environmental-professional in mostly Offshore (towing industry), shipping decommissioning and renewables, Springtide is the number one company to assist for whatever project you have for us.

Whether it is process improvement and business assurance, environmental management, Corporate Social Sustainability programs, impact analysis, (QHSE) project support or to provide training.

I have a hands-on though strategic approach, describe myself as authentic, thorough, reliable and enthusiastic and all this with a smile and against a good price.
Springtide is ready to make a change for you!


What I can do

Health and safety (H&S)

  • Audits and Inspections based on f.e
  • ISO45001, VCA/MIST, ISO31000;
  • Training including development and
    Reflective learning;
  • Safety Management system design and
  • Risk Assessments;
  • Safety Programs and Campaigns;
  • Safety Culture Assessment and change
  • Crisis and emergency response.

Environmental management

  • Environmental management system design
    and implementation based on ISO14001, ISO50001 & ISO 14064-1;
  • Environmental impact assessments and
    improvement programs;
  • Environmental awareness programs, training
    and campaigns

Business Assurance

  • Risk management;
  • Tender & Project support;
  • Change Management;
  • Audits
  • Process design and optimisation;
  • Management system design and
    implementation based on ISO9001;

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Global Sustainabillity Enterprise System
  • CSR strategies and programs based on
    ISO26000, ISO 20400 and BS8001;
  • Product impact assessments on
    Cradle2Cradle, EMF, ISO14040;
  • CSR -assessments and optimisation;
  • Embedding UN SDG goals into business
  • Fundraising campaigns

I provide services in the following industries

Shipping incl. newbuilding

Offshore incl. decommisioning

(Renewable) Energy

NGO’s and start-/scale ups

Social Responsibility

My private and business activities leave a negative footprint.
I am committed to being transparent about my footprint and set annual goals to reduce my negative impact and to positively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
I believe I can make a huge impact by taking small actions, and so can you!
For a start by working with me.

Positive impact:

  • Volunteer World without obstacles: Hygiene Awareness program
  • Providing services to further develop renewable energy
  • Providing services to develop the circular economy(e.g. GSE-systems partner)
  • Responsible consumption.
  • Member of 1% business member
  • Cycling for war child

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